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As I wander around the country, I have so much time to think, and eat lol… But a friend of mine was coming to town, and asked if I knew any cool spots in Chi Town… as I sat back, so many ran threw my mind, but couldn’t think of the rite one…, Fun thought was .. Make a map, suggestion list, for my friends coming to town.. or to suggest on places I’ve been,  reviews, that would be cool idea… So here, I will put places I’ve tried and enjoyed.. I will leave a review on it, and where it is in the world… I’m sure this page will be switched up a few times lol..  there will be Food spots that are cheap avodart canada, for meat eaters, and for the Sweat Tooth:) seems like I’m starting to put them up in alphabetical order.. I will be goin threw my traveling notes, and seeing old spot’s I’ve been to.. so It will be updated frequently.. cheap avodart uk


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(707) 822-6199                                          (707) 442-5800


  mail order avodart              For Pizza on the West Coast, this is in the top 5.. My style of pizza I like is, a Boston, New York style.. I live in Chicago, so I eat pizza almost everyday, and even there  I’m always searching for the east coast dough lol…


California, Ferndale

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To start this one off… I’m going directly in, and telling you about the Chowda, Yup!! I’m from order avodart uk, a buy avodart 0.5mg Man.. This Wonderful place has THE Best Chowda, outside of New England of course.. I’m waiting to find a place that even compares to it.. this is what I search for lol.. Every.. single.. dish.. I.. tried, on the menu, made my jaw drop, and taste buds dance… I chewed slowly, “which is rare for me” and tried to memorize every bite.. So the steak was mouth watering, actually my stomach is Growling as I write this.. The  Steak was cooked, like it looks in the books.. maybe the chef knew I was coming and spent all week preparing..The vegetables even complimented the meats so well… These meals were around $25.. I actually usually don’t like to spend that much

#1 is, I mite be a Cheap Skate lol

#2 I feel I can cook a great meal for under that… but in reality don’t.. and I should just eat good lol

But I would spend $25 every meal there, cause it is so good, and worth every penny… They also highly recommend the Macaroni and Cheese..One more little touch about the place.. They have a special wine there, for $32 a bottle “remember I’m a none drinker recommending this lol” but it’s called buy avodart 2.5mg, and they make it down the street, and only sell it in this town of Ferndale CA.. buy avodart online uk may not even have a website,  by word of mouth.. So this place I say if your in the area, swing by.. the building it self, is a reason to check it out.. old school architecture.. Thanks for your time, and enjoy some Chowda

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California, Fortuna

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There are so many reasons I love this place…

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L’s Kitchen Fortuna California 2014

From the start, the staff is incredibly friendly, the waitresses make you feel like you’ve known them forever… they fly across the restaurant, lickty split to get your order… the cooks even come out and talk to you… It’s definitely a Northern Cali feel to it, chill… How to describe the food hmm.. breakfast spot, burgers, sandwiches sort of place… BUT!! Each!! Meal has it’s own kick, it’s own style.. The Burgers were excellent, with sweat potato fries. There pancakes even have there own flair, the have this pancake/crepe which I had to get at least once lol   was delicious, and perfect munchie/snack food as well… Portion size as well is hefty.. sometimes that’s what I look for in a meal:) You’ve got try their Pies, Cakes and Cookies Oh and Cinnamon Rolls:) Once again L’s Kitchen has both, different style, and portion size, also with a fair price tag $8 – $10 a meal..  Thumbs up for sure!!!

California, Trinidad

The Eatery

The Eatery or Trinidad Eatery, 607 Parker St, Trinidad, CA 95570
(707) 677-3777

When ever I’m traveling the buy avodart cheap, I always stop to hang out on the beach for a bit, grab some food, and visit the Mellow town of buy avodart for hairloss… This place has been a relaxing spot for me, as long as I can remember.. There is buy avodart hair loss rite there, buy avodart dutasteride.. and the Eatery, if your looking for a great Diner, here ya go best place to buy avodart if you want a good breakfast, Fresh Baked Muffins, and a good cup of coffee…  stop bye and say hi.. Averaged priced meals around $8… not sure if there is anything extra special about the place, but it’s just a good place to eat, on the Coast..and I happen to eat there a lot for some reason lol.. the service is always good, clean spot, and the company and locals make the environment nice.. So I dig it

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 Colorado, Denver:

buy avodart canada, Vegetarian/cheap avodart canada Restaurant, located 837 E17th, Denver, Co 80203 (303)832-7313

buy avodart canada is a mainly vegetarian and cheap avodart canada restaurant.. In my opinion it is the Best cheap avodart canada spot I’ve been too.. Hands down the largest portions, with the most flavors!! a lot of the meals mimic a “meat” dish in a vegetarian fashion… I had ordered the Chicken and Waffles, pretty sure the waffles were gluten free, but the flavors were excellent.. all the meals I saw coming out of the kitchen were looking great, and each person had a smile as they ate… the environment was chill, the restaurant was very clean…  I fully recommend this place, as I enjoyed every bite of food.. and the pastries were unbelievably tasty and vegan, and again the pastries were good size portions as well… the reason I point out the portion size is, most vegetarian/vegan spots, give very tiny portions.. So I was extremely pleased here… average price for food was about $10.. Good Deals.. A must go to in Denver



Colorado, Jefferson CO

Hungry Moose Caboose

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Man this joint has a Great Burger!!  The kind that drips all over place..     Found this Awesome spot, as we where  heading to Telluride.  Here’s a little look at the menu..   It’s rite off the 285.. In a really beautiful area, not a lot in the area lol. so you will probably see it lol..    Has a nice vibe to the place.. And if you like milkshakes or malts, this your spot.. So if your in the area, swing on in and stuff your face..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Seasonal Place, so call before ya go.     buy generic avodart    buy avodart gsk                                   Eat your burger in this lol!!  how to buy avodart                       buy avodart in australia  Tastey!!   buy avodart in uk   buy avodart in canada

Illinois, Chicago

avodart 0.5 mg buy Belmont and Clark

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Banh Mi & CO

This place I could eat at just about everyday.. I feel like the food is healthy and good for ya.. doesn’t weigh you down…

First of all, there are about 4 items on the menu.. This could go either way with a spot, but I tend to like it when they have few items, and perfect them.. That is the case with here…They serve Wonton Soup, it’s made fresh in house.. cost about $2.50 and it’s a good price for the bowl, they are the best Wontons I’ve ever had.. saying that, I hadn’t had fresh Wontons before lol… buy avodart online canadaThey serve a Vietnamese sandwich, which is great.. and then my Favorite dish to get, is the BBQ Pork Salad.. BBQ pork, over noodles, and vegetables, served cold, with a nice dressing… Served in BIG traditional bowl..

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BBQ Pork, Noodle Salad

that is the plate I ride my bike so far for… cost about $8.. The other detail I dig about the place, is Lee, when I first met him, he had just got to the states to 2 years prior.. and had already opened up 3 of these restaurants, now he has 5.. and about to open his 6th.. He is an incredibly hard worker, very loyal to his customers, and employees.. and keeps his place spotless..where to buy avodart in canada Also where to buy avodart is easily accessible from the CTA Brown or Red line, there are lots of interesting shops in the area… So if you visit me in Chicago, I’m taking you here for sure lol… One more specialty about this place is the Coconut water,

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The Best Coconut water in town lol!!

usually has baby coconut served inside.. they mite.. have stopped.. that.., but it was a goody… I just heard, they brought the Amazing coconut water back..


Cave Junction, Oregon

Taylor’s Sausage Country Store, where to buy avodart cheap 


Driving up the 101 all the time, Taylor’s is my stop at each trip, eating house..  If I drive by it everyday, I eat at it everyday, plain and simple lol.. Maybe I just like the portions are real big, maybe it’s the feeling of a home cooked meal, or  friendly people.. But I recommend it to everyone who ask’s me about Southern Oregon.. You can also grab, meat from the Deli, or Jerky from them as well.. Don’t think there are very many vegetarian meals, But they have live music on occasions, so fun for everyone.. You can always munch on some ice cream, or drink a Shake.. I’m a BIG sugar person, so I always mention snacks.. Mine as well point out the cookies and muffins to then lol.. All fresh as well… My go to meals there are, Breakfast Sandwich Deluxe, Breakfast Wrap,  Biscuit’s And Gravy, BBQ Beef Sandwich,  Macaroni “Full order is a little ridiculous for one person, Huge”, Grilled Turkey Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries.. So if I’m just running in real quick, and starving from the road.. one of those I will just Ramble off lol.. Sounds like I eat a lot of sandwich’s as I read this..


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The major barrier to error reporting is the exist-ing culture of shame and blame and the public’s view that physicians, especiallysurgeons, should be ?awless.

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